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Fall Risk & Conditioning

Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning at Body In Balance Rehab In Linwood, NJ

In our continuing effort to provide the best care and treatment available, Body in Balance Rehab Physical Therapy in Linwood, NJ, offers a Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning program at our facility.

This allows us to safely and effectively treat older adults and post-surgical rehabilitation patients using balance testing and weight shift exercises to ensure that our residents and the community maintain the highest quality of life.

Reduce Falls and Improve Balance with Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning in Linwood, NJ

Falls are a significant cause of serious health problems among older adults. The Biodex Fall Risk Screening & Conditioning Program at Body in Balance Rehab is based on data-driven goals. Easy-to-understand feedback helps reduce the risk of falling, rehabilitates total hip and knee replacement and supports the recovery of orthopedic and neurological conditions and overall mobility.

The new Biodex Balance System SD uses static and dynamic testing and training technology, which helps improve balance, strength, and overall mobility allowing patients to avoid falls and regain mobility. Patients increase confidence, mobility and maintain independence.

Balance Assessment for Fall Risk Screening

The Biodex Balance System SD completes a risk fall screening quickly, creating a customized protocol of balance exercises to improve the ability to stay upright.

Lower Body Strengthening

Lower body strengthening can be a critical contributor to balance disturbances. Testing identifies weaknesses so exercise can significantly improve lower body strength.

Endurance and Gait

Older adults often walk slower, with shorter steps that vary in length, which can increase the risk of falls. Safe exercise helps strengthen muscles and build endurance for walking.

Contact Body In Balance Rehab In Linwood, NJ, to learn more about fall risk screening & conditioning and its role in your recovery.


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