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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at Body in Balance Rehab in Linwood, NJ

At Body in Balance, we believe in addressing the needs of both patients and clients through a continuum of quality services by providing:

  • Evidence-based interventions for existing and emerging musculoskeletal problems
  • Preventing and/or reducing the risk of additional complications
  • Promoting wellness and fitness to enhance human performance as it relates to movement and health

Physical therapy aims to relieve pain, help patients move better, and strengthen weakened muscles using hands-on manual therapy and additional modalities like heat/cold, electrical stimulation and/or ultrasound.

We strive to provide the aging population with tools to live life to the fullest extent possible. We do this by providing physical therapy along with fitness classes for older adults, including the aging spectrum – we cater to the well elderly as well as the frail and disabled.

Our Physical Therapy Center

Our Physical Therapy Center provides our PT patients with state-of-the-art equipment in a supervised environment specifically designed to:

  • Maintain joint integrity for injury prevention
  • Achieve optimal functional mobility
  • Gain strength, range of motion, and improve balance
  • Increase confidence to walk in your home and community

We are committed to providing each and every patient with a timely, effective rehabilitation program. Our experienced therapists come from diverse clinical backgrounds and possess the understanding and enthusiasm to support you safely throughout your recovery. We focus on planning and administering physical therapy treatment to restore function, relieve pain, and prevent disability following disease, injury or surgery.

Our professionally skilled intervention and supervised programs include:

Parkinson Wellness Recovery | PWR!

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