Why Am I Not Seeing Results?

Why Am I Not Seeing Results?

So you have been going to the gym for several weeks now, but you aren’t seeing the results you had hoped to see when you started your fitness journey. 

The lack of change in jean size and the stagnant scale readings are disheartening to say the least.

You’re following your diet plan the best you can without disrupting your daily activities, but you still feel and look the same.

You start to wonder if the work you are putting in each day is even worth the time and sweat. 

You have tried amping up your workouts a few levels by adding more weight to your exercises.  However, the change in jean size still hasn’t happened and the scale readings are still the same.

Whether your goal is to cut bodyfat or build muscle, you started this fitness journey to change something.  So naturally you expected to see results as you hammered away at your workouts, yet it hasn’t happened yet.

At this point, the frustration is building so it’s likely you’re asking yourself, “What could be wrong? Why am I not seeing results?

It’s likely that your problem resides in one of the following areas of your life:

  • Poor preparation
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Not lifting weights
  • Poor record keeping
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not getting enough protein
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Shopping in the center aisles
  • Quitting when the going gets tough
  • Consuming too many liquid calories

If one of these areas may be a problem for you, then address it today!  Make the change.  Monitor your progress.  Determine if the change you made was the root of the problem.

If you haven’t found the problem, then try changing something else.  Change it. Monitor the change. And then determine if that’s what was holding you back.

Many of the potential problems included in the above list can be fixed quickly.  It will obviously take some self-discipline and effort on your part, but things can be changed.

If motivation or guidance is what you need to make the change, then consider hiring a qualified professional!

Think about your goal. Think about why you want to accomplish it.  Think about who you will be if you don’t make the change! Then, apply whatever it is you need to achieve that goal and before you know it you will have accomplished it.

We’re all in this thing we call life together so helping one another is what life is all about!

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Thank you,

The Body In Balance Team

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