Holly Bozzelli offers Pilates by Private Instruction.  Although, It may be known that Pilates can be quite expensive without compromising the quality of instruction Holly is able to offer Authentic Pilates at an excellent value due to the graciousness of Body In Balance Owner Eleanor Hagan.  Eleanor has a great appreciation for The Pilates Method and would like to make it more accessible for her patients after discharge from Physical Therapy as well as for the general public. A Private Session is One Hour including work at the Reformer Pilates number one piece of apparatus that helps to teach the Mat Exercises which in time students will be able to possess and practice on their own at home.  Pilates is a non impact method of Execise that simultaneously strengthens and stretches the body.  Pilates main focus is working the Core of the Body known in Pilates as The Power House.  Pilates is a mindful method of exercise that conditions the body and carries over to daily activities and is enjoyed by many.

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