Find a class that is right for you!

A series of special fitness classes are available as part of Body in Balance’s wellness program. See our calendar for a schedule of when courses are provided.

Stretch and Strengthening
Moderate-High intensity

This class focuses specifically on each body part beginning at the neck and working straight down to the ankles.

After an initial warm-up, each body part is carefully stretched.

Following the total body stretch, participants then pick up hand-held weights (the amount of weight will be individually picked depending on fitness level). One or two exercises for each body part follow.

The class ends with a total body stretch for each body part worked.

Modifications for each exercise are available and will be made on an individual basis.

Fees are free for Gold Card Holders, $3 for Basic Card Holders and $5 for non-members.

Tone and Tighten:   Moderate

For the beginner. After initial warm up, exercises for strengthening and toning using weights. Light cardio.

Balance Class: Mild-Moderate

Using exercise equipment like a stability or BOSU ball, participants will perform exercises that are designed to improve their core strength and balance. The overall benefits of balance training include body awareness, co-ordination, joint stability, reaction time, core strength, and agility. Marlie’s balance program is fun, and allows you the benefit to control your body when you move, no matter what environment you are in!

Gentle Yoga:

Gentle yoga focuses on the benefits of deep breathing, relaxation and stretching while working to improve both strength and balance. Laura's gentle yoga class is accessible to beginners and students with limitations that may require modifications. Each class has a therapeutic focus and uses props to accommodate the individual student's skill level.

Social Ballroom Dancing
: Mild

Learn the Fox Trot, Electric slide, Argentine Tango, and request any dance you wish to learn! George Diener, a professional ballroom dancer and member of the Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing. Bring your spouse, loved one, and/or a friend! $5 for everyone.

Barre: Moderate

This class is a mixture of yoga, pliates, and ballet. A more mellow class that introduces dance movements. Shaina Gibbs, the instructor has a background in dancing and years of experience.

Chair Yoga:     Mild

Seated yoga poses. Can also be done standing while holding onto a chair. Light stretches. Increases flexibility and helps tone muscles.

Chair Zumba:  Moderate-High intensity

Latin inspired dance fitness class. Full body work out with weight bearing exercise to music. Fun class without the high impact and high speed moves.


BIG/PWR classes:   Mild

Designed specifically for Parkinson’s patients. Helps with stretching, strengthening and body movements. (cancelled till further notice)

Social Ballroom Dancing: Mild

Fun exciting movement! Learn how to dance like a professional!

Turbo KickHigh 

Turbo Kick is a cardio kickboxing class that combines kickboxing, Tai-Bo, and great music to create a group fitness class that is suitable for all fitness levels. It focuses mainly on working out the core and abs while keeping a steady elevated heartbeat.