Speech Therapy

Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) work closely with babies, children and adults who have various levels of speech, language and communication problems, and with those who have swallowing, drinking or eating difficulties.

The role can involve working with a diverse client group, including people with physical and learning disabilities, hearing loss/deafness, psychiatric disorders or dementia.

Therapists assess a client's needs before developing individual treatment programmes to enable each client to improve as much as possible.

Treatment plans often involve other people with whom the client has a close relationship, for example family, carers or teachers.

SLTs usually work as part of a multidisciplinary team, alongside other health professionals such as:

  • doctors;
  • nurses;
  • psychologists;
  • physical therapists;
  • occupational therapists.

They may also liaise with professionals in education and social services.

Mia Marchisello

Our speech therapist, Mia Marchisello, is treating patients both in-person or through Telehealth appointments (depending on your preference).

She also certified in LSVT Loud for PD patients.

Call (609) 365-8499 to schedule with Mia now!


LSVT LOUD is a voice treatment for adults and children with neurological disorders. It is an evidence based practice that incorporates daily exercise of the vocal mechanism to target vocal loudness. The intensive and high effort approach enhances effort and coordination across the motor speech system, impacting speech and voice during daily functional communication.

Over the one month course of treatment, sensory/perception deficits are targeted through modeling, while establishing the internal cue to "think loud". This allows the patient to use a louder voice "automatically" in his/her daily communication as well as be able to maintain this louder voice for up to 2 years post treatment.