Balance & Gait Training

Studies show that balance training, gait training, strengthening and flexibility not only improve mobility, but also reduce the risk of falling. We utilize a Biodex Balance System SD and Gait Training Treadmill to address balance and gait dysfunction. This allows you to remain independent in your home and community.


Balance Program

We assess your risk of falling and help you in these three areas:

Lower Body Strength

Strength is a critical factor for rapid response to balance disturbance. Specific testing will identify weakness and exercises to improve your lower body strength if needed.


Normal balance is controlled by a complex combination of visual, muscular, and neurological systems. Together, these keep us from falling when we encounter an unexpected disturbance. Testing with our Biodex Balance System along with specific exercises will improve your ability to remain upright under challenging conditions.

Aerobic Endurance

As we age, we typically display a slower walking speed. Steps are also shorter and vary in length. These are factors related to falls. Independence is directly related to walking speed. Testing with our Biodex Gait Trainer 3, and specific functional exercises help you learn to walk safely and more confidently.


Gait Training

We can train you to walk again. Our process may be used to help someone after an injury or to assist a person with disabilities who has not learned to walk safely and comfortably. Body in Balance has Biodex’s Unweighing System for patients who have weight-bearing restrictions from an orthopedic injury, a neurological incident, or high fall risk.