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Hi My Very Special Friends, 
      Hope you are able to join us Saturday, October 8th,
8:30-10:00 - 
Philadelphia Zoo ( 3400 West Gerard Avenue, Philly )
organized by Wendy Lewis and The Parkinson Council --   
click below for further information:  
Join us at this in person meeting...
 ** October 12th, 12 PM,  Parkinson's Support Group at the
 Cherry Hill JCC,  1301 Springdale Rd, Cherry Hill.  Speaker will
 be Michael Newell, MSN, RN, Healthcare Coordinator and Advocate. 
Michael's service to his clients is called LIFESPAN Care management.
His company provides Healthcare Coordination and Advocacy for
families with a loved one at home or in hospitals, nursing homes, and
assisted living facilities.  As a nurse, he advocates for clients in facilities
to encourage best practices and does insurance appeals when needed.  
He works with families to optimize his client’s health-related quality of 
life and optimize the client’s function. His talk will provide valuable
information to keep in mind should your loved one be in a facility.

                                                Lunch will be provided.
             Kindly RSVP by October 6 for planning purposes to
        or 609-304-5761. 

************ ******************************
                        Assistance is Needed!!!

 October 4th from 2:30-5:30 
at the PD Department at Saint Joseph's University ( University City Campus)
4500 Woodland Avenue. Parking is available.  
Reimbursement $25.00.
For further information contact:
Course Director Dr. Anne Galgon at 215-596-7044,

Congressman Kim voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and
President Joe Biden signed it into law on August 16, 2022.
The new law will deliver huge savings and peace of mind for seniors in our
community by finally allowing Medicare to negotiate for lower drug prices after
decades of opposition from Big Pharma, saving seniors thousands of dollars
according to AARP. The out-of-pocket cost of insulin is now capped at $35 per
month for seniors on Medicare and thanks to Congressman Kim. This is scheduled
to begin in 2023.
 With the Capping Drug Costs for Seniors Act, seniors on Medicare won’t pay
more than around $166 per month ($2,000 per year) on prescription drugs.
( Scheduled to begin in 2025.)

       Wishing everyone a good week ahead. Please stay safe! Stay well!
 Feel free to be in touch if you have any additions, comments, suggestions,
questions or, if you wish to be removed from this list, contact me at or 609-304-5761
 FOR YOUR INFORMATION.....details on the mailing...

 Check through the mailing to see what you are most interested in...
Note many of  the organizations send out recordings if you sign up for
the events  and are unable to see it when it is first shown.  Any questions,
 let me know.    
Note: The  format of this note is:
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           2. New general information - "check it out" 
           3. The scheduled zoom programs, 
           4. The scheduled support groups available
           5.  Recorded meetings and valuable info available to read at your leisure
                and materials that have previously been mentioned 
           6. Info on research that you can take part in...please consider it!!!!
     Check out what you want... when you wish... certainly need not do it in one sitting.

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  Megan Matis,  is the director of the Parkinson's Connection.  You may
check with her at  for further information
on Rock Steady Boxing, Pedaling for Parkinson's, Yoga, Pilates, Movement and
Motivation and private training. Click here for the schedule for the week.
NOTE:  Penn's Parkinson's Disease and Movement Center has many excellent
programs via zoom.  Should you have difficulty with the links contact:
Suzanne Reichwein at or 215-829-7273. 
You may also request a copy of their events by contacting her.  Check out new DANCE FOR PD schedule from David Leventhal at:
                                     CHECK IT OUT

**Check out the Parkinson Council Educational Event: held last week
-  Research to Empower with Dr. Alice Chen-Plotkin and Maggie Kuhl
with Dr. Lorraine Iacovitti.

if you missed the  workshop click the video here ( Vimeo).
Also, if you are interested in signing up for the "smell taste," click here

   **Check out the latest in aging advances, research,
and events from National Institute on Aging:

Read more of the latest NIA research news in the NIA newsroom.

Valuable information from the Alzheimer's Foundation

“Managing Money: A Caregiver’s Guide to Finances,” which can be viewed
on-demand.  Topics include the benefits of planning early; starting a positive
discussion about finances; avoiding financial abuse and fraud; organizing
finances; and creating a backup plan.
Click on the view.

**Davis Phinney Foundation provides a copy of LIVING WITH PARKINSON'S from last weeks
                 meet up.  Click below to watch the recording: 
WATCH THE RECORDING   For previous meetings click hereaccess previous sessions in the Living with Parkinson's Meetup Series.

 Parkinson's Foundation shares Three top techniques to help with freezing... Click below
                               Read the Full Article


**Science News from Parkinson's Foundation

Our Science News articles are currently our most popular articles! Catch up now with
PD & Pollution: Something in the Air and Aerobic Exercise Positively Alters
Parkinson’s Brain


Check out the recording of Parkinson's Foundation's webinar.. Use it or Lose it: 
                The Impact of  Physical Activity.

     Click Here to View Recording
Take our Evaluation Survey here.
Download the slides here
Care Partners this may be of interest...7 Best Exercises for Seniors and
              a few to avoid...from Senior Life

 FYI... Upcoming PD Avengers opportunity to talk via 
                     zoom with folks all over the world who are living with PD.

Monday, October 17-  7 pm

Tuesday, November 22 -  2 PM

 Monday, December 12 - 7 pm
ZOOM LINK - Click to get to the meeting or right click, copy link address
and paste the URL in the web address bar.

Additional Zoom Details Here



Inova Caregivers Series- Dealing with behavior brought on my hallucinations
        and delusions...
    Check this talk out at:

 View the  Youtube :  The Long Road to Hope:  Ending Parkinson's Disease
Follow the stories of 12 incredible individuals with Parkinson's and their
Journeys to End this Debilitating Disease. Film developed at U. of Rochester.
Click here to see it:

*********************************************  Curious About Current Research on Parkinson's ...               check out this new info from APDA...
> itive-decline-in-parkinsons/
> dication-in-clinical-trials/

Click below for the upcoming webinar  meetings including  exercise
etc from APDA

**********************     Just sharing these webinars again in case you were unable to
check them out previously.  These are provided   by Dr. Maria Ospino
from Arizona  and they stood out for me..  
   Everything You Need to  Learn for PD You Learned in Kindergarten
          Why Do I Have Off Periods and How to Treat Them               
            ZOOM PROGRAMS

Monday, October 3, 2 PM  Parkinson's Connection presents  Raise Your Voice
Speech Therapy Class with Judith Koza

                                   Join Zoom Meetng

Meeting ID: 881 9877 5830  Passcode: katzjcc

  Monday, October 3rd,  3 PM, PMD Alliance presents APP Livestream
                       with Sherrie Gould, NP-C. : Duopa Case Studies, 
           For further information and to register click below:

 Monday, October 3rd, PMD Alliance presents Dr.  Indu Subramanian
                     and Shafaq Hussain-Ali speaking on Who Get's PD? 
                     Removing Stereotypes:  A Fireside Chat.
                     Click below for further information and to register.


**Tuesday, October 4th, 3 PM, PMD Alliance presents Partners from Medtronic
and Rune Labs as they share the New Era of Managing your Disease.
Click below for further information and to register:

**  Tuesday, October 4th, 6:30-7:30 IINOVA  presents Dr. Drew Falconer to speak on 
                    gaining the best outcomes when  hospitalized.  
                        Click below to register:

                   Click here to register

 Tuesday, October 4th, 8 PM, SKYPASS Foundation with
            Dr. Shilpa Chitnis will have 
 Dr. Caroline Tanner. A MOST
           ON Parkinson's Progression  Markers Initiative, epidemiology
           (including toxic chemical exposure, head injury, life style
            factors) emerging research from the various trials  and studies
           Dr. Tanner is involved in, as well as the effects of Covid-19 on
           PD. Click below to register.

                                           REGISTER NOW BY CLICKING HERE.

Wednesday, October 5th, 3 PM, PMD Alliance presents  Why Exercise
           is Essential  in Early PD with PT Jenny Tuccitto.
                    For further information and to register click below:
Thursday, October 6th, 11-12:15, Arden Courts presents
               Dr. Tam Cummings to speak on Navigating the Caregiver
                             Journey : Part one.               
         For further information and to register click below:

 Thursday, October 6th 1 PM, JCC's Parkinson's Connection presents
                       Movement and Motivation  Dance with Patty Palese via zoom or
                       in person.
                       Join Zoom Meeting

 Meeting ID: 950 3380 0394   Passcode: Patty

Tuesday, October 6th, 3 PM, PMD Alliance Presents Anxiety and Behavioral
             Disturbances with Greg Petone. 
                            For further information and to register click below:

**Tuesday, October 6th, 3 PM, Boston Scientific presents Hear from a Neurosurgeon
         About Surgical Options for  Parkinson's  hosted by Dr. Francisco Ponce.. 
           To register call 833-327-1473

**Thursday, October 6th,6 PM, Carl Wittig presents Optimizing Vision in PD with
                  speaker Jess Dankanich, Occupational Therapist.
                  Click below to register.
 If you have questions or need help registering: call 570-952-5156

 Wednesday, October 7th, 3 PM,  Lewy Who?  Understanding the Relationship
   between PD & Lewy Body Dementia.
                 For further information and to register click below:

Saturday, October 8th, 8:30-10:00 - 
at the Philadelphia Zoo
( 3400 West Gerard Avenue, Philly )
organized by Wendy Lewis and The 
Parkinson Council --   
click below for further information:  
                              Hope to see YOU there!

**Monday, October 10th, 7 PM, PMD Alliance presents Manejando
el Regreso de Los Sitomas de Parkinson con un Tratamiento Unico. 
Click here for further information and to register.

** Wednesday, October 12th, 6-7 PM, Inova presents Inova presents
Hope for Parkinson's: A Conversation with Leading Inova Neurologists
on Cutting Edge Research & New Treatments for those Diagnosed
with Parkinson's.  Click below to register.
Click here to register

**Wednesday, October 12th,4 pm, PMD Alliance presents Managing the Return
                   of Parkinson's Symptoms with a Unique Treatment. Learn more
                   about Inbrija, a helper for off times, and see a Rock Steady demo.
                    Click below for further information and to register.


Friday, October 14th, 3 PM, PMD Alliance presents Pursuing Productive 
                     Partnerships in PD Relationships.
          For further information and to register click below:


Monday, October 17th, 3 PM, PMD Alliance presents Moving On With Rytary
           Extended Release Capsules. Dr. Brillman and a Spark Ambassador wil
          share insights.  For further information and to register click below.

Tuesday, October 18th, 3PM, PMD Alliance presents The Patient Journey from
                            the Care Partner Perspective.   Dr. Falconer will explore the
                             movement disorders journey from the care partner's
                              perspective. For further information and to register, click below.

Wednesday, October 19th, 1 PM, Parkinson's Foundation presents Parkinson's 101:
                          What You and Your  Family Should Know.   
                        Click below for further information and to register in advance.


**Wednesday, October 19th, 2 PM  APDA presents the Ins and Outs of
                  Telemedicine for Parkinson's   Disease.. Click below to register.
Register Today
** Wednesday, October 19th,3 PM, PMD Alliance presents Roadmap to Care:
                    Planning for your Love-One's Needs at Each Stage of the                                           
                            Disease.  For further information and to register click below.

 ** Wednesday, October 19th, 6 PM, Boston Scientific presents Dr. Michelle Dagosline
                     speaking on Living Well  with Parkinson's Disease.
                      To register call 833-327 -1473.

** Thursday, October 20th, Penn's Care Partner Series presents  Sarah Hughes, CRNP, RN
                 to speak on how to best prepare and advocate for your loved one at their 
                  clinic visits. Call 215-829-3038 to RSVP.

Thursday, October 20th, 2 PM, Senior Helpers presents Dementia Care Expert,
                            Teepa Snow speaking on Changing Seasons, Changing Circadian
                             Patterns.  Changes occur in changes in sleep patterns,                                                 
                            Teepa will share ways to come with the changes. Click below to register.
Register Here! 

**Wednesday, October 26th,11:30 AM, Alzheimer's in partnership with Elder Initiate presents
                        Healthy Living for Your Brain and Body.

                       Click here to register:Register

 Friday, October 28th, PMD Alliance Presents APP Pulse Check?                    Advanced Therapy: Who Does What?
               For further information and to register click below:

Saturday, October 29th**, 10:30- 12:30, Parkinson's Foundation presents
a Care Partner Summit   both live in Tarrytown, NY or VIRTUALLY.
For further information  and to register click below.

Register In-Person      Register Virtual 

 Monday, October 31st, 3 PM, PMD Alliance presents Staying A Step Ahead -
     Walking Issues in PD. 
with Heather Cianci, PT from
Penn speaking.
              For further information and to register click below.

 Friday, November 4th, Davis Phinney Foundation presents
with Parkinson's.  For further information and to register click below: 
Register for the Event 

Monday, November 7th, 3 PM, PMD Alliance presents Dr. Indu Subramanian sharing
                         info on  From Grief to Gratitude and Growing Awareness: A fireside
                          Chat with Kuhan ( a patient)
                For further information and to register click below:

** Monday, November 14th, CURE PSP FALL FAMILY CONFERENCE.
                   Philadelphia Airport Marriott, Philadelphia.  Program will                         
                  partner with Penn Medicine.  Registration $ 15. person until                     
                 Nov1st when it  will go up to $30/ person.. 
                 For further information and to register click below.


Thursday, November 17th, 12 PM, Tall Oaks and AARP presents Holiday Hoax.
            Visit to register

Friday, November 18th, 4 PM, PMD Alliance presents APP Plus Check!
                   How Do You Choose the Right Advanced Therapy?
             For Further information and to register click below

Wednesday, November 30th, 9PM, PMD Alliance presents Manejando el
             Regreso de los Sintomas de Parkinson con un Tratamiento Unico.
        For further information and to register click below:

Tuesday, December 13th, 3 PM PMD Alliance presents Barriers to Access
                  in DBS with Dr. Andrew Falconer who will open a dialogue on
                  the challenges and barriers to accessing DBS.
              For further information and to register click below.

  Friday, December 16th, 4 PM, PMD Alliance presents AAP
                        Pulse Check! Navigating Prior
                              Authorizations and Obtaining Medications


 Wednesday, May 10th, 1 PM, Parkinson Foundation presents
               Understanding Gene and Cell-Based Therapies
Click Here to Watch Webinar 

                            VIA ZOOM...

 Checking for support groups for other forms of
Parkinsonisms... Progressive Supraneuclear
Palsey(PSP), Multiple Systems Atrophy (MSA)
and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD) ...
     click below for further information: 




Men’s Group 4th Friday of the month at 2:30, in person at  the
                                   clock tower in Voorhees.

Woman’s Group   the second Monday of the month at 2:30 via zoom .
Care Partners Group on the second Friday at 1:00 via zoom.         
Contact Corlynn at 856-968-8581
  and she will send you the
                 sign in information.

 Living Well at Home Series Part X

Sponsored by Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Program at Penn
a Parkinson Foundation Center of Excellence
October 3, 2022-December 2, 2022
A series of programs to keep the PD community connected.

                Mondays 11:00am-12:00pm Support Group
Join Zoom Meeting